Cabling & Bracing

Tree Cabling & Bracing

Cabling and bracing trees is an enormously effective tool that is far too underutilized. The proper installation of cabling systems in a tree can ensure a mature tree has a great chance at a long, healthy life span even after identifying weak points which is great for the client because when trees fail, it is often a huge inconvenience as it commonly causes property damage and power outages and at the worst end can cause harm to person.

Often, when cabling systems are used, the installer chooses to use steel cabling which requires drilling in the tree and causes injury to the tree. It also has zero ability to adapt as the tree matures so often these systems fail prematurely. This is why Momentum Tree Experts installs dynamic synthetic rope systems. These systems share all the tensile strength of their steel counterparts but have unlimited ability to adapt and grow with the tree.

Non-Invasive + Zero Tree Damage

They also are entirely noninvasive and require no damage to the tree. They simply sleeve around the trunk above an appropriate branch and then anchor it to another part of the tree to reinforce it properly. The arborist must understand how to install a system properly in the tree, according to ANSI A300 Standards, in order for the system to be effective or your money and efforts are in vain.

Increasing Your Tree's Lifespan

Let Momentum Tree Experts perform your cabling installation to ensure your tree lives a long life without causing damage to you, your loved ones, or your property. It’s time for us to start treating trees with preventative measures rather than reacting when they fail. It saves the trees, the time lost, the money spent, and the inconvenience or at worse the losses incurred.

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