Stump Grinding

Professional Stump Grinding in Michigan

Professional Stump Grinding - Michigan

Stump grinding is extremely equipment-demanding work that can be quite hazardous. Just think about it, you’re using a machine that has a large wheel with teeth on it, spinning thousands of revolutions per minute, and you’re digging underground with it, often unaware of what could be below the surface. Often the machines hit rocks, metal, and other items that damage the teeth or bearings and other machine components. Stump grinders perhaps are the most aggressively used machine in our industry.

At Momentum Tree Experts, just like in all other aspects of our scope of work, make the effort to eliminate all foreseeable hazards prior to work completion.

Proper Stump Grinding Practices

As professionals adhering to proper standards, we inform MISSDIG of our intent to grind underground prior to stump grinding in order to have utilities and cable marked. We also utilize protection boards to protect delicate surroundings from potential shrapnel that can be unpredictable and unavoidable. Believe us, you don’t want just anybody running these dangerous machines near your home.

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